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I welcome everyone and express my heartfelt gratitude  for visiting Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated website.
President / Founder
I am Jeanephus Besira, aka  GM PS 1---72 originator founder of Dugukan Hilot System (DHS), Dugukan Martial Arts System (DMS) and Dugukan Art of Life 1-72,  a duly registered organization in accordance with law under Securities and Exchange Commission, as Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated. 

The Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated provides livelihood training program in Hilot with competency in the field of its mastery to anybody that would like to learn the system by heart upon compliance of the requirements/qualifications set by the organization.


1. Good moral character/no


2. Physically and mentally fit

3. Registration/Membership



11th Year Anniversary Celebration of Watch a Divine Revelation

August 12, 2018



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Group Training on Dugukan Traditional Filipino Hilot Wellness Techniques

Duration: 54 Hours 

the Champions.._

Modular-Based Learning Coaching System of Dugukan Filipino Martial System 

Duration: 36 Hours 


The Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated promotes the welfare of the youth by inspiring them in sports and away from vices; by providing them training education in Self Defense Art, particularly Eskrima Arnis, a Filipino originated Self Defense Art, which is now used also in sport tournaments. Currently, the organization produces Masters, Teachers, Instructors, Champions by joining tournaments local and international.


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to support for the healing of life and nature...

(∞2018 - 2020 ∞) Inner Core Dugukan Association Inc.

Website: www.innercoredugukan.com

E-mail: innercoredugukan@gmail.com

(+63) 9973391625


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Celebration of Watch A Divine Revelation Anniversary (August 12, 2020)
Wed, Aug 12
Carcar City
Aug 12, 7:00 PM GMT+8
Carcar City, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines
Celestial Conference (May 3-4, 2020)
Sun, May 03
Carcar City
May 03, 7:00 PM
Carcar City, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines
Holy Week Celebration
Sun, Apr 05
Carcar City
Apr 05, 7:00 PM GMT+8
Carcar City, Carcar City, Cebu, Philippines