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Fundamental realization will tell you story all about life—good, bad, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor etc... Well, those are   thoughts   of  the  mind.

Different at higher soul realization will tell you different gist, anyway. Physical and astral spiritual worlds are within supremacy of the mind. Before undergoing training in the College of Mystery, at Sacred Spiritual Secret, life is blissful when it’s really destined in such a way. But when your experience is different, surely something is wrong or lacking in your formation; your life location is influenced with destructive energies. Either you are rich or poor, same formation where you belong, within polarity of the physical and astral spiritual worlds.

Now, mostly important you can see new picture of a real world away from illusions and imperfect judgements    of   the  mind.  Mystery  is  unveiled  by realization of the soul. A person must abide with the Absolute to attain spiritual maturity, soul’s higher divine purpose, at Governing Star Formations, Palace of the Olympic Stars.

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With so much illusion of the mind, the planet becomes stressful. So everyone must have vigor of spirit within Seven (7) Soul’s Dimensions to experience wholeness in life. Being separated with the Essences of light will make life unpleasant. And life’s most powerful force to transform negative destiny into positive state, are lessons of Governing Star Formations, Palace of the Olympic Stars. Discover life’s tougher secrets of your very own advanced divine inner connections. Definitely you can make the big difference in your life. You’re Oneness with all the Heavens’ Stars, Dugukan.



In WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION, the truth of mystery lights manifesting the skies is finally revealed. Look! Are Unidentified Flying Objects/UFOs, the secret of life? No. In the logic that Unidentified Flying Objects/UFOs could be advanced technology. And the other one is inner reality that carries tougher secrets of life’s Infinite Truth. Discover the truth that will really matter in everyone’s life in the actual Art and Science of inner discovery. Practice an Art that can expand your spiritual awareness to attain wisdom of the Absolute.


Life’s ultimate purpose in the planet is ascension into higher dimensions. The secret is finally revealed by Supreme Master of Wisdom ACADASTAR—Supreme Super Light Angels. Ascension of life into higher dimension is what every soul’s last destiny to accomplish in the physical world. That process is beyond birthing and passing away of the physical or astral body. The truth of Supreme Infinite needs man to Know Thyself. Soul realization calls for inner reality, wisdom to the point of higher knowledge. The secret to become sage employs techniques of meditation for inner cultivation, basically to activate Vital Force of the body, mind, soul and spirit. The secret of healing, longevity, rejuvenation and ascension of life into higher dimensions is practicing Art of Life 1—72.


You can get higher knowledge in the College of Mystery at Sacred Spiritual Secret. Begin enhancing your spiritual awareness with the mystery lights commonly called Unidentified Flying Objects/UFOs. Discover the Art of Inner Discovery to know tougher secrets of the Absolute. With the right divine connections, you can enhance your spiritual awareness for soul realization.


Man’s ascension into higher dimension requires him higher knowledge of his advanced connected bodies, which are higher Foundations. Know life’s vital secrets that can easily change bad lucks into good lucks. Life is always blissful, regardless of whatever trials that shall come to affect its balance. A person needs to realize meeting with the Absolute, to ascend his life into higher dimensions. At higher level of spiritual awareness, he must access advanced connection with the Governing Star Formations, Palace of the Olympic Stars with the Rainbow Bridge of Light infusing him Consciousness–Energy–Light–Life/CELL of the Absolute.

First key secret is man’s divine union with the Advanced Elemental Dimensions, MORCA Advanced Inner Realm. Activation of man’s connection with the Advanced Elemental Union by expanding his silver cords connecting with his higher Consciousness–Energy–Light–Life/CELL. Man’s activation of Divine Unions by expanding his silver cords connecting his Consciousness–Energy–Light–Life/CELL with the Absolute. The difference of inner realms is big; hence, it’s immaterial to simply just tackle concepts of spirit world without weighing much soul realization. Study life’s mystery of the Absolute; the big difference between higher beings and deceitful spirits are clear. Discerning absolute truth is attaining higher knowledge.


The key secret to succeed life’s ascension meeting with the Absolute is practicing Art of Life 1—72. WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION is revealing Supreme Master of Wisdom ACADASTAR—Supreme Super Light Angels. Inner guidance unveils essential secrets of life. Everyone has precise Guardian Angel and Spiritual Master. Discover “Them” and know by yourself the locations of your precise Stars. The significance of discovering your Guardian Angel and Spiritual Master brings you advanced knowledge. Thus, you won’t be misled in darkness, to suffer bad lucks in life.


Practicing Governing Star Formations, Palace of the Olympic Stars; The Book of Dugukan WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION is to activate inner understanding. There’s guidance for you to follow the prescribe lessons with passion and focus of your heart and mind to discover the truth of Supreme Infinite. Listen within yourself to be divinely guided as you begin practicing the Book of Dugukan Governing Star Formations, Palace of the Olympic Stars—Third (3rd) Volume written by the Author, himself.




Jeanephus Besira aka GMPS1—72

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