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Jeanephus Besira, BSBA, MRIAMD, LLB, LMT, born on October 26, 1975 in Cebu City, Philippines. He is the founder/originator of Dugukan Arts System and Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated.

  • Art of Life 1-72, a system of energy cultivation that enhances the development of the body, mind, soul and spirit. This unique Art involving Healing Arts and Self Defense Art called Dugukan Martial Art System.

  • Dugukan Hilot System/DHS, an ancient based Hilot healing that he instinctively started practicing beginning from the early period of his life around nine (9) to twelve (12) year old. The system incorporates energy healing obtained from the practice of Art pf Life 1-72. It has become well known hilot system in Cebu and the entire country as it is patronized by thousands of people who gained various benefits of its applications.

(hilot vs massage) Hilot is broader in scope since deeper sense of its meaning is a code of life, a holistic art which include various method of healing; magnetic/energy healing, the use of medicinal herbs, pressure points/body meridians, etc. The Dugukan Hilot System is a holistic system, which massage system is being part of it. • Dugukan Martial Arts System comprises of world renown Filipino Martial Arts Eskrima Arnis (stick fighting), Dumug (Filipino Form of Wrestling), Alho (pestle fighting), Armed Fighting and un-armed Martial Arts Fighting.

Jeanephus Besira is a lecturer and a teacher of his Arts or Masterpiece. He grew up with mystical background which began as a child witnessing huge light with an intelligible booming voice descending upon him. Afterward, he started absorbing ancient knowledge and mystical secret trainings from the Inner Study School of Sacred Spiritual Science (ISS-SSS) as directed to him from the source or Supreme Master of Wisdom in Heaven. These continuous gifts of mystical training experience led him to found Spiritual Martial Arts that he called Star Dance Movement Exercise that benefits mankind in different levels including ascension through direct knowledge of the Art of Life 1-72.
Source: Mr. Romeo Villamayor
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