Mystery Revealed

                   by Jeanephus Besira a.k.a. SGMPS 1-72
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Life is blissful when it is really destined in that way, knowing the truth. But when your experience tells not, don’t you worry, have hope and wake up inner awareness to discover secret which will matter most. 

Regardless of being poor or not, weak or strong, but anything that you believe, is listened with the inner voice. That something needs you the Art of Knowing to change the course of your bad fate into good lucks. Well, life is destined to be blissful, it's just everyone needs to know life's vital truth.

Make your life useful for the noble cause of light. It’s man’s heaviness of his soul within the heart when his life is darkened by the shadows of unpleasant experience. Any heaviness within the heart can hinder good balance of life.  So, man  must  discover  a  blissful  way of living


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to the fullest of light that can make life useful for the noble cause of light. Nowadays, life in the planet is stressful, so, it’s time to activate the vigor of your spirit and feel yourself whole. Being separated with the essences of light makes life lonely by many negative consequences. Life needs to be well, so everyone needs to be whole. Get to know an Art that can make you well, in the body, mind, soul and spirit. And that’s the goal of Dugukan to reveal holistic art that can truly guide you to the deeper secret of life and make you healthy and stronger in the real vigor of spirit.

This is the first Volume the author released; the books of Dugukan to be composed of nineteen (19) Volumes. The days are manifesting great wonders revealing the mysteries of heaven, but many are not aware of that, unless they will go deeper realization of life’s meaning to the fullest of inner understanding, not to the fullest of mundane reasons. Since happened to many people that experienced negative moments by not living life with inner understanding. Anyway, I can feel the vigor of my spirit realizing through this book are many souls can find vigor of their spirits, since contents of the book are lessons that you should apply personally, to discover life’s vital secret. Reading the Book of Dugukan, WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION is to find inner knowledge and enlighten the vigor of your spirit. And with your open heart welcoming higher knowledge, wisdom comes to you, so you can see life’s vital truth. Despite of many sufferings, there always bigger light for everyone that has found the truth of inner knowledge. So, get to know the ultimate meaning of life by learning the book of Dugukan WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION.



The truth of mystery light manifesting the skies is finally revealed. Look, are Unidentified Flying Objects/UFO the secret of life? No. In the logic that UFO could be advanced technology and the other one, is inner reality that carries tougher secret of advanced inner truth. Discover the truth that will really matter in your life and in everyone’s life in the actual science of inner discovery. Learn an Art that can put you align with the higher and highest consciousness of the advanced realms. You are not alone, just enhancing your inner awareness to attain great power of inner understanding.

The ultimate purpose of man in the planet is ascension of life into higher dimension and its secret finally revealed by SMW ACADASTAR --- Supreme Super Light Angels/SSLA. Ascension of life into higher dimension is what everyone’s last destiny to accomplish the lessons of life in the planet. And its process is beyond birthing and dying of the physical body. The truth needs man to “Know Thyself.” Soul realization is knowing inner reality, reaching wisdom to the point of higher understanding. And the secret to become sage employs techniques of meditation, inner cultivation to activate vital energy of the body, mind, soul and spirit. Inner cultivation is secret of healing, longevity and rejuvenation.

You can get knowledge of inner secret through advanced astral-spiritual study. Begin enhancing your awareness with mystery lights commonly called UFO. Discover the Art of Inner Discovery to know tougher secret of the inner. With the right divine connection, you can enhance your inner awareness for soul realization.

Man’s ascension requires him knowledge of his higher connected bodies, which are Advanced Elementals of Super Light Foundation. At present life evolution, man is nine (9) connected minor and advanced elemental bodies and three (3) star super light bodies. Know the secrets, you can easily change your life from negative to positive vibration, from bad lucks into good lucks. Life is always blissful, regardless of the trials affecting its balance. You only need to realize the truth of its vitality. Through DR of the “Most High,” a soul evolves to ascend life into higher dimension. Man achieves divine illumination through the RBL infusing C.E.L.L. from GRADAM grand inner realm into the advanced and then to the physical-astral realms.

First key secret is man’s divine union with the advanced Elemental realms, MORCA inner realm. Man’s ascension happens by the merging of his nine (9) elemental bodies and then, the union with the three (3) star super light bodies. First, activation of your connection with the Advanced Elemental Union by expanding your silver cords connecting your CELL with higher C.E.L.L. of the Advanced Elemental Union through exercise of the Art of Life 1---72. The activation of celestial-spiritual union of man by expanding the silver cords connecting the CELL with the GRADAM and MORCA advanced inner realms.

Meanwhile, the difference among Supreme Grand Inner Realm, Grand Inner Realm, and Advanced Inner Ream is big. Hence, it’s immaterial to simply just tackle concepts of spiritual world without weighing soul realization. Study inner mystery of life and know the big difference between higher beings and deceitful spirits. Discerning inner truth requires divine guidance and connections of the inner realms.

The fundamental to succeed soul realization is learning Art of Life 1---72. WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION, is revelation of “SMW ACADASTAR. Inner guidance can tell you about the secret of life. Everyone has precise Guardian Angel/GA and Spiritual Master/SM. Discover the stars of your GA and SM and know by yourself the precise locations of your Star Gate Portals. The significance of knowing your GA and SM can offer you deeper inner discovery of your true self. Thus, you will not mislead in darkness to suffer life.

Going deeper glimpses of essential inner truth, read the book of Dugukan repeatedly with your heart wisdom open. There is guidance for you to follow the prescribe lessons, and while reading with passion and focus of the heart to discover the truth, is always listen within yourself. And found in the book are secrets of Angels’ Contact and Connection/ACC. You will be guided how to do divine healing and attain powerful shielding against all sorts of negative energy and harmful negative psychic attacks.

This is the first edition originally written by the author himself. After a sort of thorough realization, I decided not to allow any edition for my writings to provide original information of my manuscript. So, all contents of the Book of DUGUKAN for reference of original writings, except that portions which require graphic designs, were originally written by the author, Jeanephus Besira a.k.a. GMPS1---72.




Copyright 2015 by Jeanephus Besira a.k.a. GMPS 1---72.  

No part of this book should be imitated or pass on in any arrangement or by any means, automated, or mechanical, together with photocopying or by any data room without permission in writing from the author.  


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