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  a cause for light


Welcome to Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated —helping the healing of life and nature. With you in Oneness with us and all, your benevolent heart will make big difference in manifesting a wonderful world to live blissful life by Heaven’s blessings of love, peace and harmony for the entire existence. Serving for the noble cause of light, a love offering for each one who responds inner callings in life can do, in helping the healing of life and nature. With our helping hands lovingly dedicated life to protect the treasures of light, which are life itself and nature —with passion in deeds, we are going to experience genuine essence of love, that we are able to manifest a wonderful world to live, in spite of the difficulties that life is suffering crisis, nowadays in the world —physical, emotional, economical, psychological, physiological and spiritual. Much more pandemic is still going on oppressing and threatening the lives of the people in the world.


The more tests of time toppling many victims of unfortunate fate, the more we are going to implement positive energies to counter negative energies bringing hopelessness to the many unfortunate ones. In our campaign towards healing of life and nature creating tangible projects that will benefits life and nature: reforestation, feeding programs for the needy, children’s education for spiritual value reformation, livelihood training program etc., is you are one with us to initiate and succeed life’s priceless blessings in helping our brothers and sisters of the entire planet.


By words and deeds, Equilibrium, we are serving for the noble cause of light. Hence, our projects we can voluntarily lovingly participate to share our hearts for the benefits of the people who come to shelter the shadows of eternal love, are: training centers/schools for the youth —self-defense against violence/martial arts, women’s welfare, livelihood training programs, hilot wellness, farming. Also, feeding programs, medical missions, green project reforestations, shelter for the unfortunate ones etc.


Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated, with website address at, is a non-stock, non-profit organization. Our primordial responsibility is to help the healing of life and nature —voluntarily in saving the planet and ushering life’s ascension into higher dimension. Our Oneness with all surely make better pledge to light we can dedicate our life to fulfil. Thus, We/You will be blessed always in life. GMPS1---72

to support for the healing of life and nature...