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Helping the healing of Life and Nature by unity of our Oneness with ALL. With benevolent hearts we can make the big difference to help our brothers and sisters enjoy life with much positive energy, healing, love, peace, harmony etc. Serving for the noble cause of light, a love offering we can passionately —voluntarily do, to help many-many lives.

Trials are natural events in time that shall oppress so many lives; while the more we are going to manifest positive energies, the stronger we can overcome trials. In deeds, we can help inspire the hopeless, help heal the sick, physically and spiritually.
Serving the people away from the shadows of politics, purely light service only. To bring hope to the many unfortunate ones. Hence, our Organization’s Projects are for the benefits of everybody, especially children, mostly the needy ones:
1.Foods and Shelters
3. Feeding programs
4.Children’s education
5.Sports (Holistic Arts)
6. Spiritual value reformation
7.Livelihood training program etc.

By the will of Heaven, we do serve, for life. 


THANK YOU SO MUCH  for all Contributors:

  1. Dugukan Stars                             Php  ******

  2. Malabon Chapter                         Php 5,000.00

  3. Gorordo Chapter                          Php 1,500.00

  4. India Chapter                                Php 1,400.00

  5. Antipolo - Manila Chapter           Php 1,000.00

  6. Jessica Tanilon(Ekay)                  Php 1,000.00


  1. Dugukan  Stars                             Php  ******

  2. Malabon  Chapter                         Php 5,000.00

  3. Gorordo  Chapter                          Php 1,500.00

  4. India  Chapter                                Php 1,400.00

  5. Antipolo - Manila  Chapter           Php 1,000.00

  6. Jessica  Tanilon (Ekay)                 Php 1,000.00

  7. Marga  Wahlqvist                          $50.00

  8. Eva  Koornstra                              $250.00

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