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The Dugukan Martial Arts System is a Cebuano system of self-defense art, an originated system by Jeanephus Besira a.k.a SGMPS1---72 which encompasses the skeletal framework of the four main directions; of the North, of the South, of the East, of the West, the eight (8) main rays of the Sun, the Moon and the Sun's circular form.

It is armed and unarmed system of Martial Arts; the Armed Arts are Arnis/Eskrima, knife/kutsilyo fighting, Pestle/Alho fighting, Axe/Atsa fighting and the unarmed or barehanded fighting employs a system of pugilism called Dumug or a Filipino form of wrestling combined with combat attacks, locks, pulling and throwing of the opponents. The system of Dugukan Martial Arts comprising of 72 lessons and 29 internal system of Spiritual Martial Arts.

SGMPS1---72 who founded the Art of Dugukan is from Carcar, Cebu, and SGM David Geverola who he claimed the first Supreme Grand Master of Dugukan Martial Arts is from Argao, Cebu. SGM David had mastered many secret caverns in the region, yet being a veiled Master of the South being unpublicly well-known on his martial arts skills. Revelation of the founder of Dugukan had proclaimed a name so adjoining the first two (2) Masters of Dugukan – SGM David Geverola and SGM Jeanephus Besira.

Dwelling for 18 years in the cave traversing dimensions to dimensions through the secret portals of the caves was his spiritual discipline and training in the Skeletal System of the Inner Study School/ISS of the Sacred Spiritual Science/SSS, which for the very first time finally revealed by SGMPS1---72 in the early year of 2008. SGM David Geverola ended his corporeal existence in 1999. 

In 2004, SGMPS 1---72 revealed the Dugukan Arts System and founded the Inner Core Dugukan Arts, an esoteric science involving Angels Contacts and Connections/Art of Life 1---72. The beginning history of Dugukan Arts System begins with the two (2) Masters who are the Founder/Originator of  Dugukan Arts System; SGM David Geverola and SGMPS1---72. 


By: Roselinhernz and Magen Om


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