Mindfulness Breath-walk Meditation


The Dugukan light warriors (eskrimadors) on the move for Mindfulness Breath-walk Meditation dated April 19, 2019 (Friday) at 1:00AM, led by SGMPS1-72 , from Dugukan Caraatan Training Center Site bound to mystical cave portal. Individually, the mindfulness; concentration and clear comprehension are being observed on the said activity. The purpose of the event is for spiritual light service by fulfilling the light mission in the healing of life and nature. By doing so, it increased individually the vibration into higher frequency; honing spiritual Inner Discovery, enhance the development and revitalize the body; mind; soul and spirit as well as lingering around with oneness of nature connectivity.

Energetically attended by Seventy-two (72) light warriors (eskrimadors).  The lessons we're performed, the newly released system of Dugukan Meditation Gestures, which imparted to us during our cave activity, then, we preceded down to explored deeper and deeper, which is the below sea level for continuing connection and activation of the lessons therein.

Afterwards, we felt altogether was jovial; inner peace and happiness; vigor; recharged and refreshed. Inasmuch, it was soul refreshing, breathtakingly and awe-inspiring.

Thank you so much ultimate source for the priceless and worthwhile lessons.