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Indeed, life is blissful when really destined in such a way, realizing Infinite Way of Life. But, by actual experience tells you different story of your life; that is a big mess. Behold, and wake up inner awareness; always bigger hope awaits everyone that abides the Divine Radiance of Supreme Infinite One.    


Behind the clouds there is enough light, discover the secrets of life, and know Thyself. Notwithstanding the status of life, rich or poor, strong or weak etc., the mind thinks and heart believes but listen with the voice of truth within the core of your heart-wisdom. Things need to realize the art of knowing beyond what the Mind Power Supremacy cannot grasp the mystical point in life. Changing life’s negative destiny into positive fate. Hence, never get weary within but give the best meaning of your life. Serving life for the noble cause of light, you will see, life is blissful, in way that life abides the light.  


Such the weight of the world is within the heart occurs by the shadows of unpleasant emotions, negative energies ruining positive vibrations, by lack of powerful Self-protection. So, moment to discover a way to live life to the fullest of light, lifestyle change, making yourself useful for the noble cause of light, hence; be blessed in life.


Indeed, life is stressful by the negative energies develop in the environment. Protect yourself, activate the best vigor of your spirit within, and be whole, (seven dimensions of your soul, body, mind, soul, spirit and so on. Separated with the essences of light brings you miseries in life. It needs equilibrium for life’s wholeness condition. Practice a lifestyle that can make you whole—body, mind, soul, spirit etc. (soul’s 7 dimensions). The goal of Dugukan, to share with you structure of holistic Arts showing life’s deeper secrets extremely beneficial for your growth, physically and spiritually.  


First (1st) Volume the Author released, ART OF LIFE 1---72 (The Book of Dugukan WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION, Nineteen (19) Volumes.) The sun reveals Heavens’ life’s Marvels, but a mind not conscious of life’s mystical point cannot grasp the wonders of light. Hence, many are experiencing the bad lucks in life devoid of powerful Self-protection.


Activate wisdom reading the Book of Dugukan to develop best vigor of your spirit within. Book contents are guidance beneficial for your practical exercises. With inner discernment welcoming the light of Supreme Infinite Truth to shine on your way. You are now going to progress a life’s foundation stronger enough to develop you a wonderful someone. WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION Art of Life 1—72


Jeanephus Besira aka SGMPS1—72

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