I welcome everyone and express my heartfelt gratitude  for visiting Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated website.
I am Jeanephus Besira, aka  GM PS 1---72 originator founder of Dugukan Hilot System (DHS), Dugukan Martial Arts System (DMS) and Dugukan Art of Life 1-72,  a duly registered organization in accordance with law under Securities and Exchange Commission, as Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated. 


Dugukan is a Cebuano local term for foundation or skeleton, on which the constitution of its organization is to fulfill the unfinished tasks of the Masters, particularly David Geverola aka Gavino Jesie -  an enigmatic Master of the South. He came from Argao, Cebu, who was a truly skilled and adept master of Martial Arts and Healing Arts. He was well-versed of the secrets  of caves portal used for honing the side of esoteric cultivation. He was a Master who had much access of Inner Secret, whose teaching is sealed in the lineage in the Art of Life 1-72 with J. Besira a.k.a. GM Pyram Solom 1-72 (Holistic Arts).

To impart  inner teaching of the treasures of light based on the science of nature through healing Arts ( the natural and supernatural phenomena)  enrich with love in manifesting a wonderful world to live by helping the healing of life and the planet,  is conjoining efforts in the cultivation of internal energy practices of Dugukan Hilot/Healing, Martial Arts and the Art of Life 1---72 in Wellness program to attain enlightenment, enhance inner awareness, provide a way of inner discovery, increase internal energy for better health, which are all essentials in balance of good life.


The four (4) main directions of Dugukan logo are  North, South, East, West, 8 main rays of the Sun and its Circular form; they are movements encompassing the modality of a perfect Sun-Day Star. 

The Sun modality comes from the two (2) fused four (4) main directions. Its circular form,  in the Core, when merged altogether will result into a perfect “Sun “and when disassembled into a discrete body parts will stand a perfect transformation of Star and Moon Symbols. Therefore, the logo of Dugukan   carries altogether three (3) heavenly symbols: ---the  Sun, Moon and Star merged in ONE. 

As we celebrate the good years of continued light service to the people and planet ever since from the inauguration of our endeavors proliferating the Mission – Vision of Dugukan – ‘’Helping the healing of life” “To manifest a wonderful world”. -This way we are creating our live useful and even more meaningful for the noble cause of light, so our journey toward the future is great.

Time is  ageless as well our journey in life fulfilling divine callings would be never ending, so it is hereby great to Faithfully serve the light in Manifesting a wonderful world to live. The love to light is helping the healing of life. Therefore, it is everyone’s primordial duty to protect the treasures of light, life itself and the planet. 

My commitment for this noble “Mission-Vision is to uphold  true deeds on imparting enlightenment to the world by the transformative program of Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated merging the following deeds to wit: The Wellness Program:  Hilot Healing Arts, Martial Arts and Cultivation of Internal Energy or Art of Life 1---72.
 The inseparable existence of Science and Spirituality – (natural and supernatural phenomena) are partners in wellness equation. The Energy Healing and Energy Cultivation combined with meditation to focus on our Intention of raising higher awareness based on scientifically attuned blessings of  Heaven.

I hope you will find our website informative. Kindly feel free to  contact us  when you feel you are interested.  


Thank you and God Bless.

     J. BESIRA