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Life is blissful when it’s really destined in such a way, knowing light of Infinite Truth. But when your experience tells you not—don’t you worry, there’s big hope when you wake up your spiritual awareness and discover the secrets of life that will really matter most. Regardless of being poor or rich, weak or strong, anything that you believe is listened with the Inner Voice. Some things need you the Art of Knowing, to change the course of bad fate into good lucks. Life is destined to be blissful and such needs to know life’s vital truth. Making your life useful for the noble cause of light is blissful. Man’s heaviness of the heart by the shadows of unpleasant experience. Heaviness within the heart will hamper the balance of life. That man must discover the way to live life to the fullest of light, such making life useful for the noble cause of light. Nowadays, life in the planet is stressful by the unpleasant experiences. It needs to activate the vigor of spirit within to become whole. Being separated with the Essences of light would make life so lonely. That man needs balance to achieve its wholeness of life. Practice an Art that will make you whole—body, mind, soul and spirit; the goal of Dugukan, to share the people Holistic Arts that can unveil the deeper secret of life and make each practitioner healthy and stronger in the body, mind, soul and spirit.


The First (1st) Volume the Author released, The Book of Dugukan, WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION, to be composed of Nineteen (19) Volumes. The days are manifesting the Great Wonders of Heaven, while the people are unaware of that, except, those who have realizations of life’s deeper meaning. Many people experienced bad lucks by lack of inner understanding. Anyway, I could feel the vigor of my spirit realizing through the Books of Dugukan, many souls are able to find the vigor of their spirits and attain wisdom. Since, contents of the Book of Dugukan are lessons that can be personally applied, to discover life’s vital secrets. Reading the Book of Dugukan, WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION is to find Inner Knowledge and enlighten the hearts and minds with best vigor of spirit. With your open heart welcoming the light of Infinite Truth, wisdom will shine in you. Despite of the sufferings, there’s always bigger light for everyone who has found wisdom of the Highest. Realize the ultimate meaning of life; you can practice The Book of Dugukan—WATCH A DIVINE REVELATION.


Jeanephus Besira aka GMPS1—72

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