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The Dugukan Martial Arts System was originated by Jeanephus Besira aka SGMPS1---72, a Cebuano System of Self-defense Art that encompasses the skeletal framework of the four main directions of the North, South, East, West, Eight (8) Main Rays of the Sun, Moon and the Sun's Circular Form.

It is armed and unarmed system of Martial Arts; the Armed Self-defense are Arnis/Eskrima, knife (kutsilyo) fighting, Pestle (Alho) fighting, Axe (Atsa) fighting etc. The unarmed or barehanded fighting of Dugukan employs system of pugilism called Dumug, a Filipino form of wrestling combined with ground fighting combats with mastery of locks, counter locks, pulling, pushing, throwing and the use of the body parts as powerful weapons to topple down tougher opponents. Dugukan Martial Arts System is composed of 72 and 29 lessons of Spiritual Martial Arts. Included in the Dugukan System, are healing arts called Hilot and Art of Life 1---72, for internal energy cultivations.

SGMPS1---72 was born at Cebu City in 1975. He grew up in the municipality of Carcar, now, City of Carcar, of the same province. Adjoining the origination of Dugukan Marital Arts System were SGM David Geverola, a mystical Martial Arts Master and SGMPS1---72.   SGMDG1---72 with mastery of many secret caverns in the region, yet remained a veiled Master of the South who was unpublicly known of his Martial Arts Talents.


The preamble revelation of Dugukan Martial Arts System began by the first generation—masters, adjoining SGM David Geverola and SGM Jeanephus Besira the Spirit of Dugukan who are the co-founder authors of Dugukan Martial Arts System.

Dwelling 18 years in mystical point of the caves traversing different dimensions   through secret portals was SGMDG’s spiritual discipline in the Skeletal System of the College of Mystery, particularly Sacred Spiritual Secret. For the very first time revealed by SGMPS1---72 on August 12, 2007 the secret of Spiritual Martial Arts of Dugukan. While SGM David Geverola was completed his corporeal existence in 1999. 

In 2004, SGMPS 1---72 revealed further lessons of Dugukan Martial Arts System and founded Inner Core Elemental Wave Association in 2004, which later changed into Inner Core Dugukan Association, teaching esoteric arts involving Angels Contacts and Connections or Art of Life 1---72 etc. The preamble history of Dugukan Martial Arts System initiated by its originator-founders SGMDG1---72 and SGMPS1---72, the Spirit of Dugukan.  


SSS info by: Roselin Hernaez


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