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Many people in the health care program throughout the world recognized the therapeutic effect of traditional healing and accept the therapeutic effect of Hilot (commonly known therapeutic massage) in managing stress, illnesses, or ailments. The system is considered the oldest system of healing that applies various techniques of pressing the pressure points, muscles, bones, joints, ligaments manipulations and energy applications. Traditional healing contributes higher sense of general wellbeing and many professionals in the health care program have begun to integrate Hilot therapy in their routine.


Quietly, in the history of the country, Hilot is one of the ancient methods of healing illnesses used by the forefathers to save life, to fix and or to cure illnesses. There is Hilot for sprain, strain, fractured bones (the most common encountered problems), there is Hilot for conception and delivery of a child. There are many ways to perform Hilot and the name of a person who does Hilot is Manghihilot, Healer, Mananabang commonly referred to a person who aid the delivery of a child from the womb. 


Hilot is well-known a big help to life because of its effectiveness in aiding life to fix dislocation, dis-alignment and heal illnesses. So, hilot is one way to heal ailments and ancient method used by the ancient people to save life. The meaning of Hilot is deep which includes the indigenous ways of healing sickness through touch healing, blowing healing, see healing, herbs and plants, mantra/prayers/oracion, and various different stroking of the hands and minds to heal the illnesses of the people.


Apparently, together with the meaning of Hilot is its power to heal and it is believed by the people, a Manghihilot has Gift of Heaven to heal illness the reason why he can heal those people who would come to him for help.


As far as education of hilot is concerned, there could be two kinds of Hilot, namely; A hilot which cannot be taught by man but has been learned by a Manghihilot is a gift of life -Wisdom. And the kinds of Hilot which can be taught to man through education is Kahibalo – Knowledge, a system of education that can be learned through research.


So, there are two source issues in Hilot, namely; Hilot which is a Gift of Life and Hilot which is learned through training education. The common folklore of Hilot in the country happened in the case of “Suhi”. A person who was born Suhi is believed to have the power of healing or do Hilot and he can heal illness. That’s why more of the Manghihilot, especially in the Visayan region are referred to the Suhi. When you asked them why they became a Manghihilot, they will just simply say, because they are Suhi. Also, there are those who would claim they learned Healing by supernatural reasons, although they are not supernatural humans. 


 A hilot which is a gift of life, the power to heal combined with scientific knowledge will make the big difference in the actual practice of Hilot. And this is the method of Dugukan Hilot System/DHL, a Gift of Healing being combined with scientific knowledge.


Because of the longer years of my experience in the practice of traditional healing by the use of my gift of healing from the Heavens Almighty Lord, I was able to create a system which I called DUGUKAN HILOT SYSTEM. In the system I combined various techniques of ancient healing method which I discovered various ways of remedial techniques through analytical and actual experience of my traditional healing practice, and the scientific knowledge to facilitate and make the service of the people more effective and easier.

In my longer years of experience serving traditional healing to the people and doing scientific research I realized, --- naturally every man has power to heal illnesses and the Hilot which is a Gift of Life can be actually taught to people who would like to learn it by heart. This I have proven the truth because of the good numbers of people that learned the system that I had founded and taught to them so they can help those people that need healing, especially their very own lives they can manage to do self-healing. Indeed, because of this, they became Manghihilot professionals and they help many people in fixing their physical problems, even, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.


There is big advantage for someone that learned Hilot that he can help his own life and other people.  The practice of Hilot is broad and so much knowledge needed to master it, the reason why Hilot is a sort of training life to Survive and to Succeed. In the deeper and wider meaning of Hilot, --- it is A Code of Life.


A Manghihilot becomes effective in the practice of hilot (healing) by doing inner cultivation, which is done effectively through internal system of physical fitness, a method of exercise which will activate the energy centers of the body and enhance that energies to reach at higher level.


There are 7 energy centers and various sub-centers of the body that must be triggered to activate vital force so the physical body can accelerate its energy at higher rate. The above-mentioned centers of the body are essential in achieving higher level of energy. And in the practice of hilot healing, energy runs the show in faster healing of the patient.


The remarkable history of Hilot as the ancient system of healing used by the Manghihilot who were gifted with the power to heal physical injuries, especially sprains, broken bones/fractured, dis-alignments, wind colic (panuhot), etc. cannot be denied.


The therapeutic effect of hilot manifested an indispensable help to the lives of many people, in the history of the past, even until today, where now the Hilot education has evolved much by the presence of scientific methods in dealing the different problems of life.


Basically, by manipulations of the hands using different hilot strokes, a Manghihilot who is gifted by the power of healing can do varieties of hands/fingers manipulations to fix the problem of the hilot patient. The power of hilot to heal the patient’s problem varies on the energy level of a Manghihilot. When the Manghihilot is with higher level of energy, he has higher degree of effectiveness to heal. But when the Manghihilot is weak or low in energy level, he can only rely on skills, which is inferior without the presence of the vital force.


This is the reason why in the practice of DHS, inner force is active, so the practitioner will be taught techniques of inner cultivation to enhance the energy of the body. Usually, the energies of the body which are vital, are dormant, they are not working and it need them to be activated by a certain system which can stimulate internal power of the body. 


Skills in the practice of hilot could fix various problem of muscle pains, sprains, strains, stress and many minor illnesses and its process of healing could be natural as well. While the combined state of hilot skills and vital force will make the big difference in dealing the different problems of the hilot patient. Many of the ancient Manghihilot relied on their faith in treating the hilot patient.


Although many of the Manghihilot apparently appeared their hilot skills were mediocre, but their faith generated so much energy which worked out the problem of the hilot patient, so their hilot treatment had turned out extremely effective in fixing the problem because of the energies generated by their stronger faith.


Faith can generate power, and it is biblical that by faith you can remove mountains, so, this is the basic point of healing where even the Manghihilot is neither conscious or unconscious of his vital force, yet still the Manghihilot who is born to be a Manghihilot (healer) can release healing energy to  cure the illnesses of the client/patient.


The power of faith is ancient foundation of healing, used by many healers since time is immemorial. Faith is always linked with divine support mostly addressed to the Almighty Lord who is the source of everything ever existing. So, when you have faith that you can heal, you can generate substantive energy to heal.


What will cause healing is power or the energy which will be released during hilot session to fix the problem of the hilot patient. Faith is one of the ways that can generate powerful energy to heal illness. That’s why many people called faith healers that they can do healing through the system of faith. Apparently, there are so many ways which you can do healing aside from faith such as in the case of scientific knowledge.


Thought follows energy, and once the Manghihilot begins to work the hilot proper, he can fix the problem by the use of his energy and skills combined making the hilot patient effectively experience immediate positive result of the hilot session. When the energy of the Manghihilot is at higher level, his power also to heal is stronger compared to a Manghihilot who will just only rely on skills in working the problems of the patient/client.  

In the practice of hilot, the need to practice energy cultivation is significant for every Manghihilot to ensure higher level of effectiveness and protection of the Manghihilot against the dangers of possible negative energy contaminations.


During the hilot session, the Manghihilot will manipulate the gross physical body and the energy body of the hilot client/patient. The common Manghihilot are not being familiar of the magnetic field of the human body. Upon connecting your consciousness to the hilot patient immediately the energy level as well have interaction. During hilot session, the Manghihilot can release abundant amount of positive energy to the hilot patient, while the sickly hilot patient as well shall unconsciously radiate negative energy to the Manghihilot.


Without the Manghihilot stronger energy level of his body, he can easily absorb the energies of his patient which are sickly, so sooner or later the Manghihilot will get sick too. It is very important in the practice of hilot that the Manghihilot is well verse in perceiving the energies of his hilot patient and his energy level is high with the presence of powerful energy shielding against negative energies including negative psychic attacks.   


Once a Manghihilot has stronger energy level and powerful shielding against negative energy, including negative psychic attack, the Manghihilot is effective and safety in dealing the different situations of the hilot patient. So, it is very vital in the profession of Hilot that the Manghihilot is enhanced on his energy and his knowledge on energy cultivation is good.  






The physical body has vital force, Chinese (Chi), Bisaya (Kahiladmanong Kusog). Basically, internal energy comes from the bones, which is 90% powerful than muscle energies, which is only 10% powerful compared to the bone energy.


The seven (7) energy centers of the body are base center, navel center, solar center, heart center, throat center, brow center and the crown center.  Energies from within the body and outside the body come through the channels of that energy centers.


Inner cultivation will trigger the energy centers of the body to open and release its power. When vital force is active in the physical body, the body becomes stronger and invincible. The technique of inner cultivation is exercise based on internal system of doing physical fitness. The other modality of physical fitness is external system (Cardiovascular exercises) such as weight lifting, jogging, dancing, etc.


The Art of Life 1---72 is a system of inner cultivation, which will activate your internal energy and advanced divine connection with the inner. So, it is an art that can put you align with higher and highest consciousness of the advanced universe.


Your daily exercise of the Art of Life 1---72 is good body maintenance that will work out the functions of your internal energy to be enhanced day by day. An enhanced internal energy is easy to use that you can manage to direct it depending upon your purpose. Constant practice of Art of Life 1---72 will increase the level of your immune system making your body not vulnerable with illnesses.

The permanent exercise is done everyday, at early morning and evening, especially an hour before sunrise and right after sunset when the stars become visible on skies. Of course, doing internal energy cultivation can be done at anytime, by the practitioners very own convenience, while the suggested time preferential for the beginners of energy cultivation is early morning and right after sunset.


The internal system of doing physical fitness will concentrate on the breathing techniques, muscle and mind control of the body. Control the mind, you can control your muscles, control your muscle, you can control your breathing. The control of the mind, breathing and muscles plays big role in the enhancement and balance of the energies of the body.  


To enhance the energy of the body, you need to be enhanced on the control of your mind, breathing and muscles to activate your vital force within. Many beginners in the practice of energy cultivation cannot control well of their energies, so they cannot level up the power of their bodies that they cannot control their minds to release substantive energies. This is the reason why permanent exercise is necessary in energy cultivation, so you will have power to switch on your internal energies.


In the practice of Hilot, master your skills and reach out the mastery level of your internal energy, the certain secret of achieving powerful hilot ability. To effectively deal the various different kinds of illness, the Manghihilot must have skills and higher level of vital force activated, so many problems of the body can be dealt with by him.


The use of the different stroking of hilot combined with higher level of energies released during hilot session will work out the imbalances of the body making it healed and experience the vitality of life. Through hilot with an enhanced energy of the Manghihilot can revitalize the body, heal its problem and enhance its energy. A Manghihilot who is being educated with this sort of knowledge has ability to do this to the client/patient.


The Dugukan Hilot System is enhancing internal energy and the skills, so a Manghihilot that learns the system of Dugukan can well manipulate the gross physical body and the energy of the client/patient. The reason why the Manghihilot under this system will do Art of Life 1---72 exercise or Star Dance Movement Exercise for cultivation of his internal energy.


Practicing Hilot will have many benefits to both the practitioner and the patient/client. Hilot can prolong life, it can heal and rejuvenate the body through proper application and discipline of the practitioner. It is a good body maintenance and natural system of healing method, the ancient secret of longevity and rejuvenation.


Understanding the education of hilot will benefit so much advantage in life, since it is healing, a very good system of exercise, mental discipline, art of survival, secret of longevity and rejuvenation, inner discovery etc. Indeed, Hilot is A Code Of Life. It is quietly good to know more about HILOT, to discover more about the Essences of Life and Healing.


Since Hilot is Code of Life, it has the Art of development of the body, mind, soul and spirit in the practice of its real system. From the food that you eat, (proper program and not necessarily diet), since you can eat healthy foods as much as you can, except only you have to avoid taking foods with much toxin, oily or fatty substances that can produce so much cholesterol in the body.

Included in the package of the system is techniques of physical fitness (exercises that can develop the cells, tissues, organs and organ system) as well as the energy body to accelerate at higher level. The manipulations of Hilot stroking for the body will have effect of doing exercise. Especially, when you lack of exercise, hilot manipulations can do the tasks needed by the muscles or body to trigger its energies, destress, revitalize, activate and enhance higher state of relaxation for better healthful condition. 


Medically proven, there are so many benefits of hilot to contribute the good maintenance of the body. Hilot has physiological, psychological and spiritual effects for the body, such its physiological power to enhance blood circulation, vasodilation, bone alignment, balancing of energies in the body etc. In the energy side, the magnetic field of the body can be manipulated by Hilot stroking to harmonize and enhance its power for better functions of the health.    


It depends on education of Hilot applied in the system of its functions, like in the case of Dugukan Hilot System, it is particular on energy level balanced with the skills in dealing the condition problems of the body. The combination of energy and hilot applications will work out the healing process of the body in natural way. 


The body can produce good chemicals upon proper managements of its physiological-biological function. It is the point of the education of hilot to understand the power of the body, so it can use its real potential of self-healing and to heal other people as well. That’s why DHL is a Code of Life, since basically and advanced, it will enhance the biology and chemistry of the body. 


So, the management balance of the body is working on the physical, chemical, electrical functions of the body and its supernatural energy or spiritual force. Understanding the education of this function of the body in the actual field practice of Hilot will make someone a healer, since the potential energies of the body can be used, instead of just allowing it to sleep within without being cultivated.


To save the better function of the health in natural way is learning the skills secret of Hilot, which are instinct and energy to heal, to be strong, powerful and whole. The ultimate aim of hilot is to become whole; once a person perceives wholeness in the body, heart and mind, he can experience tranquility within, thus the spirit is strong in the body. So, anyone in that state of awareness is healthy and with much vigor in life. 


The higher level of hilot has substantive energy happened when a person who is a Manghihilot has advanced skills and energy level. The way he thinks simultaneously with the movements of his hands to drive hilot has power that can heal illnesses. Psychologically and physiologically that kind of Manghihilot can generate higher level of energy to heal any hilot patient.


A Manghihilot can work out the energy channels of his client/patient by energy transfer. Since a good Manghihilot has higher level of energy, he can transfer positive energy to the patient, while driving the hilot treatment to the patient/client and the patient/client will notice the warm of the Manghihilot’s palms while doing the manipulations.


By the potential power of internal energy of the Manghihilot to work out the problem of good condition of the body, he can deal weaknesses  in natural way, which will result into the healing of illnesses of the client/patient. Since the treatment is vital force or internal, which natural healing, the power of the body to heal of its own, so it has no negative side effect to the patient, except it can only give positive result.


When the body is susceptible with that kind of energy, its healing process is quick. Upon receiving positive energy from the Manghihilot,the body can quickly recover, especially for problems of fatigue, stress and all the rest minor illnesses; hilot will work out fast in ridding of minor problems of bodily conditions.


Even in the case of terminal sickness such as cancer that needs proper medical treatment, hilot can complement in the healing process by working on the energy level of the body so it can survive and prolong life, while the patient is having medical treatment. The system of the Hilot could be applied to the patient is energy transfer and hilot application will be applied to the energy body of the patient. Instead of the gross physical body, except in some parts of the body where hilot application is locally contraindicated. 


Energy will work out body imbalances, except those problems inborn in nature and others cases which are not easily be treated with any healing application (inborn disability). While the physical body is capable to produce chemicals of its own to generate self-healing through the right management of its inherent energies.  Plus, the positive energy of the Manghihilot and the natural produced bio-chemicals of the body to generate self-healing. Hilot will facilitate the enhancement of energies of the body to work well. 


Hilot will not contradict western medicine, the scientific application of medicine combined with internal energy will create big difference in the healing process of the body. And Hilot plays big role in complementing the healing process of the body, when the modality of healing applied is western medicine.


Hilot offers much advantage in body maintenance, healing and rejuvenation. The system of hilot that deals the prolongation of life is based on cultivation of internal energy. This is the focus of Dugukan Hilot System, the cultivation of internal energies to substantiate external energies for stronger development of the body, mind, soul and spirit.

It is internal energy that will function to enhance the power of cells, so the body will develop into a powerful system. The application of hilot and internal system of doing exercise are mechanisms of making the self, whole, in both physical and spiritual existence of each soul.  That’s why hilot and application of vital force are systems that can offer powerful body maintenance and natural healing.  


In the process of energy cultivation, the food intake will be considered in the progression and cannot be ignored in the actual practice. Healthy food will provide good energy to the organs system making the entire function of the body substantive with energy. A healthy body will have good energies extracted from the healthy food that you eat, good environment, which are healthy surrounding of nature without negative energies from radiations. 


The constant application of hiloty system and internal energy exercise will prolong life, maintain the body balance, boast good health of the body and develop as well the soul and spirit of a person applying the hilot discipline in his life. So, in the deeper meaning of hilot education is meant physical exercise as well as spiritual cultivation or wellness.


It is not the meaning of hilot basically circulates in the food that you eat or healthy diet, that hilot also circulates on techniques of physical fitness being applied. There’s no question on what scientific medication being applied to the patient, since the hilot system is wholeness that study healing in the whole aspect of well-being. It is not Medicine that studies illnesses alone and deal the problems using pharmaceutical medicines and knowledge available by science.  While wellness applies knowledge, which will fit the exact cure of the problems of the body, as a whole.       


Hilot can balance the energy of the body, it can trigger as well internal energy to come out of the body for self-healing. It has no negative implication that it is natural way of healing. It is to say that by nature itself is God’s very own physician to heal the well-being of a sickly person.


Since the problem of illnesses are caused by common reasons; toxins, fears/trauma, negative thoughts, negative psychic attacks, negative karma, radiations or injuries, which can be avoided or minimized by being careful, by abstinence of those negatives that can harm good health.   


A body being maintained by hilot becomes stronger in muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons by permanent application of hilot manipulations; contrary to the belief that hilot when applied to the body more often can welt or damage the muscles. That is just a belief since a good hilot can always offer good benefits to the body, so instead of negative side effects by having constant hilot, the body will be enhanced on its healthful condition and develop stronger muscles and bones.


And much more when the muscles are enhanced with internal energy to pack up every cell, in the tissues, organs and organ systems, the immune system will become so powerful that illnesses, pains or injuries cannot easily come in to ruin the healthful condition of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of man.


Illustrated by any vivid practitioner of martial arts who keep kicking and or punching hard objects, their muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, tendons by constant impact of force against hard objects had turned their muscles and bones develop their powers, making them metal as well that cannot be easily broken by weak force. The same principle applied by the effect of constant impact of force through hilot manipulations could make the muscles, bones or the body substantive in power. Hilot manipulation cannot only make the muscles powerful, likewise, it can also make the muscles flexible.     


About the vital force, how that could be released from the body, so it can be used? Okay, the method to activate and to let it work so it can be used is to exercise using internal system, especially Art of Life 1---72 Star Dance Movement Exercise. It is a method of cultivation comprising of forms and gestures that can trigger internal energies of the body, so it will work.  


A different exercise which is not designed to enhance vital force of the body cannot activate internal energy. External system of physical fitness cannot trigger internal energy of the body since it is not designed to cultivate vital force. It needs the proper system to be used in the body to awaken the dormant energies within, which is the internal system of energy cultivation. Once it is properly applied by the cultivator or practitioner, his energy will increase, at higher level.


When DHS and cultivation of vital force simultaneously applied in the body create big difference in the health care program of the body compared to those people who are devoid of good body maintenance. It is always better to apply good system of body maintenance for better growth.


Application of that two (2) modalities in the health care program, namely: 1. Hilot (DHS) and 2. internal energy cultivation (Art of Life 1---72) can already introduce bigger development of the body, mind, soul and spirit. The way to use the body in that modality of natural healing can boast the immune system, the gross physical body and likewise the energy body will benefit much advantage. So, hilot and internal system of exercise are always advantage for the better health care of everyone.


Physiological Effects of Hilot

Circulatory System

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Dilates blood vessels

  • Decreases blood pressure

  • Replenishes nutritive materials

  • Helps in removal of waste products

  • Reduces heart and pulse rate

  • Increases RBC count

  • Increase WBC


Lymphatic System

  • Promotes lymph circulation

  • Reduces Edema

  • Decreases the circumference of an area affected with edema

  • Decreases weight in patient with edema

 Integumentary System

  • Improves skin condition

  • Increases skin temperature

  • Stimulates oil glands

  • Reduces skin dryness


Nervous System

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Decreases beta wave activity

  • Increases delta wave activity

  • Activate sensory receptors


 Endocrine System

  • Increases dopamine level

  • Increase serotonin level

  • Reduces analgesic use

 Muscular System

  • Relieves muscular tension

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

  • Manually separates muscle fibers

  • Increase range of motion

  • Improves performance (balance and posture)

  • Lengthens muscles

  • Increases flexibility

  • Tones weak muscles

 Respiratory System

  • Reduces respiratory rate

  • Strengthens respiratory muscles

  • Decreases asthma attacks

  • Increases fluid discharge from the lungs

Digestive System

  • Promotes evacuation of the colon

  • Relieves constipation

  • Relieves colic and intestinal gas

  • Stimulates digestion

Urinary System

  • Increases urine output

  • Promotes the excretion of metabolic waste

Psychological Effects of Hilot

  • Improves sleep pattern

  • Reduces drug related and post-traumatic stress

  • Improves mood

  • Decreases feeling of anger

  • Improves self-esteem

  • Promotes communication and expression

  • Improves life’s style habits

  • Increases physical well-being

  • Reduces touch aversion and touch sensitivity

  • Increases academic performance

  • Increases mental alertness

  • Satisfies emotional needs

Spiritual Effects

  • Increases the energy body

  • Balances the energy body

  • Harmonizes the energy body

  • Strengthens the power of the energy body

  • Releases energy clog ups

  • Cleans up negative energy contamination

  • Activates psychic power

  • Increases healing power

Dugukan Hilot System Strokings

  1. Padalin-as

  2. Palilo

  3. Kumot

  4. Padalin-as sa palad

  5. Padalin-as sa kumo

  6. Padalin-as sa siko

  7. Palilo sa palad

  8. Palilo sa siko

  9. Padalin-as palad siko

  10. Palilo sa palad siko

  11. Dat-og palad

  12. Dat-og sa kuyamoy

Source: Jeanephus Besira


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