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I am Jamayza S. Restauro, 28 years old, living in Caraatan, Buenavista, Carcar City, Cebu.

I joined in Dugukan Arts System, since I met a man of my life, who happened that he is a member of Dugukan.


In 2009, I got pregnant but as my belly getting bigger and bigger, I felt discomfort and painful on right side of stomach every time my baby’s inside would move. And got on and off fever; chills and even cannot walk. To find out, upon my prenatal check-up and farther laboratory test, I got kidney failure due to kidney stones and acute appendicitis. As per doctor’s advice needs as soon as possible to undergo an operation but I ignore the doctor’s advice.

In May 2009, I tried the acupuncture healing modality but unfortunately, it was worsened the discomfort of my body.


Finally, on the same month of May 2009, I approached SGM PS 1-72, which I believed, hope and my last option, that could heal me. In a few minutes, SGM PS 1-72, he started to underwent a spiritual operation for kidney failure and acute appendicitis. It was successfully operated and after care advice, to follow the DO’s and DONT’s within one (1) month duration.


In June 2009, I am completely recuperated and succeeding month, I delivered a healthy baby girl.


Thank you so much Dugukan SGM PS 1-72 and more power!




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