I am Ramon S. Hernaez, 27 years old, a bonafide Dugukan practitioner, since 2007 until this present.

I am pioneering practitioner in Dugukan Art System, altogether with my family. I passed the ACC SSLA Lightship initiation from Magkat-on Category (beginner) into Abtik Category then later level-up to Igmat Category.


In September 2014, all of a sudden not feeling well, sluggish and have an on-set painful all of my whole abdomen; difficulty urinating, back paid, shortness of breath and etc.

On the same month, I decided to have a thorough executive health check-up and the outcome was positive that I have the following health problems, to wit: Fatty Liver; Lungs problem; Kidney Failure (Left & Right); Pneumonia and Prostate Gland Inflammation. Hence, I am already on critical (50/50) condition. As Doctor advice needs to undergo an operation as soonest time but due to poverty, I did not do so. Instead, I went to a folk healer at Inner Core Dugukan,  as widely known group healers in our native place and headed by a professional healer known as SGM PS 1-72, he started on healing engagement at his young age around 9 years old.

I told him about my laboratory and test results, he acknowledged therein. In awhile, he examined me  thoroughly using the spiritual way by palpation and his god-given gift (x-ray vision eye).  Later, a healer said, hope he will survive on this operation but my family and myself 100% entrust my life to the one as instrument of God (called a healer). The spiritual operation started by SGM PS 1-72 and underwent 16 spiritual operation within one (1) whole day. Aftereffects of the operation,  I lost my breath and pulse. My family was so worried but they surrender everything all the well of God. SGM PS 1-72 said, I did my best, if he will not breath within 15 minutes then he cannot see the light anymore. My family just had have 100% faith to God Almighty that I will be given a 2nd life. In god's well, after 18 minutes, I breathe!. According to my family, they were so happy, had a tears of joy and indescribable feelings. Afterwards, advice me to follow the DO’s and DONT’s within 3 months’ time, to avoid complication and inflammation of the organs.

In God’s grace and blessing through divine healing of SGM PS 1-72, I am healed completely within the given timeframe. I am happily back to work on December 1, 2014. That was the greatest gift that I received from the highest source of heaven, for given me a brand-new healthy body.

Now, as a promised before the operation happened, to help and served god by way of hilot/healing or energy healing on others as well...

Thank you very much and more power Dugukan!