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I am Sotero Sedon, of legal age, live in the Province of Cebu. I started practicing Dugukan in year 2008.


I became a member of Dugukan because of my illnesses’ such as Spleen problem; Chronic Ulcer; Liver Problem; Heart Failure; and Kidney Failure that I suffered for so long already before I’ve met the Dugukan. I went to many hospitals for treatment but seems the diseases became severe and severe. So, decided to stopped the treatment in the hospital and as well as my medication maintenance because to the point that NO MONEY for sustenance the maintenance of medicine. I went to seek different kinds of quack-doctor and taking only herbal medicine instead of prescribed medicines, it relieved the pain that I endured for so long but in a couple of days would go back again. I am superb slim as skinny bones and skin color is yellow. Until I reached to the moment of thinking, in ending my life because I am so confused and losing hope at all.


In year 2008, I heard that there a well-known Dugukan Healer in Caraatan, So I went there without any hesitation, have faith and hope with all the grace and blessing of God source in heaven and I met SGM PS 1-72, a professional healer.


He said, ‘I have another illness which the souls keep on following you’. On the day, I went there, he healing me with all his kindhearted; time and effort to oust or banished the souls. After an hour, I was begun to undergo an spiritual incision or spiritual operation, in all defective areas such as: Spleen; Stomach Ulcer; Liver; Heart and Kidney organs. After care spiritual operation, not to lift-up any things; no liquor; no meat only fish and vegetables and a lot of DO’s and DON’TS to follow within Six (6) month duration.


After six (6) months, I felt better, until the moment I am completely recovered. Now, I can eat what I like and can lift-up things even so heavy.  


Thank you so much Lord God in Heaven for giving me a second life and SGMPS 1-72, for being an instrument to healed me and the people who are in dire need of divine healing.




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