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I am Narcisa Valdehueza, 46 years old, living in the province of Cebu and a Dugukan practitioner for 5 years until to-date. A teacher by profession.

I am practicing Dugukan due to my illnesses.  


The unforgettable incident happened causes to suffered an injury at the time I was 8 years old. This incident occurs at the Samboan hilltop that I stumbled and rolled-over to the ground which was the cause of Kidney Damage/Inflammation; Bone Injury/dislocation; Hematoma; Muscles pain and Swelling all over the body. A week after the incident, I had fever and went to shaman for massage with some rituals. I am relieved for the meantime but after 10 years (18 years old), I went to Davao for thorough examination such as: ECG; 2D ECHO; X-RAY and MRI. The results were turn-out not good (Bone dislocation; Kidney Failure; Eyes Clot Uma; Uric Acid; Cervical Cysts and Chest Cysts). Then, my physician doctor gave medicines for pain reliever and etc. but I stopped on taken it after a month because of bitter tastes. I had been trying also to in-take some wellness product but cannot sustain due to high costing.

In 2013, I went to Dugukan, which I believed and hope that I will be healed. My intuition is correct I found a healer named known as SGMPS 1-72.  Using the modality of the Divine healing; Spiritual Art of Life 1-72 (Energy Cultivation); Martial Arts; Fasting and visiting the secret cave portal, which healed me gradually with prayer to the God Almighty; faith; determination and patience. Now, I am in good health and focus on Spiritual healing of Dugukan System.

In November 21, 2018, begun travelling from Island to Island to apply the Hilot/Healing Dugukan Arts System in the City of Cebu and Provinces.

In May 5, 2018, I passed the SSLA lightship initiation, from Mag-kat-on Category (as beginner), level up to Abtik Category.

This testimony which ignite me to share and focus on my spiritual journey, so that, the people will know how I healed myself.

Thank you Dugukan.




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