I am Magen Francisco, 44 years old, an eldest daughter, living in my native land of Golden Friendship in the City of Cagayan de Oro. An Engineer by Profession. I was working in the government service for Fifteen (15) years and resigned on November 2012.

I had been practicing the Dugukan Arts System for four (4) years until to-date. The reason why I join on the Dugukan because of Supernatural Illnesses which I suffered for several years since 2003.

A different level of obstacles that cannot be resolved by just monetary alone. As if, I am walking into the darkness of underworld and my radiant smile was gone and covered with an eclipse, thus, my life turns into turmoil. As it seems, like a withered leaf of the tree, that cannot be revive the withered leaf into green. Based with deep pondering, analysis and evaluation, the key and the solution, must engage into spirituality.

I experienced a lot of sharp pain all over the body on inside and outside. A sharp pain of an object that I can sense and felt like needles; nails and even long object that inserted along the pressure point or meridian point from head to toes. When you woke in the morning, you have already bruised, marks of a needles of the portion they inserted. The attacks of different insects and bees. If I am on asleep someone’s pushed me with pull force on my back. The worst scenario of my life which trigger to the point, that I am so much affected emotionally, mentally and physically at on downstream level, the moment that seems I got pregnant many times but no substantial evidence. The pregnancy test will not detect/cannot be seen on the following: blood/urine pregnancy test; Ultra trans.. test but I told the doctor/s that I felt someone’s crawling and moving inside my womb. Despite of the negative result, my last recourse, to examine my blood specimen or we called it “specimen biopsy” and the result is positive that I am pregnant. A mixed emotion, a feeling of sadness and happy just a bit because I can avail a maternity leave based on the Biopsy result and medical findings. That happened more than three (3) times then I availed maternity leave at the same time. Hence, I went to different nine (9) doctor/s of OB-GYN Specialist. The same findings and no problems in my uterus. My families, friends and office-mates was worried about me but I told them in positive response with smile; fighting spirit, and crying a little bit, I said let’s not worried about, remember that in every problem, there’s always a solution. I always engraved that into my heart. With the words, makes standstill and hoping for, despite of painful and sadness inside.


I began to search everywhere, meeting around different kinds of shaman from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, wandering around alone to find the solution while pondering myself, why me? I am not a bad person and in-fact I have a huge heart in reality.

Then, one day, I met a comrade were both of us partake in Energy Cultivation group. I called him as one of my angel’s and my bridge to meet a highness source bridge of light – SGM PS 1-72 via Skype in 2014.

I went to Cebu for the Divine Healing and spiritual guidance received by SGM PS 1-72. I felt relieved for a few sessions of Dugukan Healing System integrated with Spiritual Art of Life 1-72 (Energy Cultivation). I said, at the back of my mind, I finally found the ONE that I am looking for and the solution for spiritual problem. In this place, I felt of where I belong. From that moment on, I begun to practice faithfully, sincerely with fighting spirit, then the attacks was reduced and even increases the vibrational energy and powerful shielding in my body.

I cherish and treasure, the spiritual guidance, divine healing; all learning experienced and the priceless precepts of Dugukan System. Now, I am perfectly well, have profound inner peace and harmony within. As If, I already reached, the summit of a mountain and unfathomable feelings, where you can breathtakingly inhale the gentle breeze without blockages within.

In May 2016, I passed the ACC SSLA lightship initiation from Magkat-on Category into bonafide Dugukan member as Abtik Category. In subsequent year/s, in May 2017 and May 2018, level-up to Igmat Category through Martial Arts-Dumog and ACC SSLA lightship initiation, respectively.

I focused my life to devote and serve the light by fulfilling the divine calling - the mission and vision.  Through  spreading the truth of light to the world, for so many people will know and save, in helping the healing of life and nature; and as well as to enlighten about the precepts of Dugukan System – particularly on Spiritual Art of Life 1-72, which is the ultimate key for ascension success.

Thank you so much Inner Core Dugukan (SGM PS 1-72) and I remain  as the star seed of light – Elite Dugukanstar.