(October 7, 2020)


On October 7, 2020 at 1:00PM, A Screening Rites, blessedly open by SGMPS 1-72 which was held at Dugukan Site Training Center, Caraatan, Buenavista, Carcar City, Metro Cebu, Philippines.

Attended by two (2) students namely: Chris Jay Delima and Amhed Delima, who will undergo a screening to prove if they learn and master the lessons (Dugukan Martial Arts Anyo; Kata; Basic Sparring; Basic Snatching & Basic Locks), accompanied with their instructors Haligi Basilio Hernaez and Abtik Noel Hernaez.

It was administered by Abtik Angelo Dillera; and Abtik Adrian Manlosa. The performance was judge/s based on the given criteria’s: Proper [Footwork’s; Handling; Posture] and Mastery by the following: Haligi Roselin Hernaez; Haligi Tonton Hernaez; Igmat Robert Santos; and Abtik Marcos Cabardo.

The event was successfully done! They both passed the screening qualification requirement/s of Dugukan Martial Arts System and promoted to Abtik Catergory. Congratulations!