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a secret healing water...

The images shown on the slides-above are the secret cave portals used for practicing and honing the side of esoteric mysteries and it is the dugukan secret sites and a part of Spiritual cultivation as pre-requisite for Inner Study School of the Sacred Spiritual Secret...         

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On going exercises. Now, let's go into the wonders of inner discovery, healing and rejuvenation....Discover and enjoy the journey of life....Ascension signature....


Into the Inner Wonders
Explore the wonders of


The wonders of cave are many
One of these wonders, is that Cave used by the ancient people for healing and rejuvenation, inner
such as hermitic initiation and other paranormal activities.


For sake of our basic understanding of caves.cave let us begin to classify caves into living caves and non- active


Caves secret are wider space for occult science exploration, an interesting field of nature’s journey and discovery for higher development of the physical and spiritual healthful condition.


Explore the wonders of cave and be with its nature essence


1. Active or living caves are those which have secret dimensional portals, these caves are with higher frequencies with many crystals, stalagmites and stalactites. 

2. Non-active caves are those simple caverns with low frequency and housed by various poisonous bugs and faunas.


Active caves energy will make the gross physical and energy body stronger and healthier through enhancing your body by the exercises called Art of Life 1---72 or cultivation of internal energies, to align the physical body with this higher frequency will insulate the weak energies of the body resulting into healing and rejuvenation.




Universality of Truth -_- Nature is Cool -_-

Enjoy the Science of Inner Discovery/ID

A wonderful Journey into the Inner Truth/IT --INFINITE


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 There is no harm in trying. Trying will improve your knowledge and skills, it will expand and enhance your enlightenment the way it can inspire and cause you to increase your energy and encourage you to shine even more. Give it a try. Don’t lose your chance, try it even in your most difficult time, keep trying and trying and you will never regret.


Module 1

1.1 Aligning the consciousness with the Supreme Infinite One. Getting well acquainted with the universality of Truth.

---Knowing Divine union with the Supreme Universal Name/SUN

1.2 Aligning the awareness with oneness of nature (what is above is so below, what is below is so above). All things are in some state of combined correlation of Energy (qi) as wood, fire, water, metal, earth or the cosmos. 

1.3 Touching this stone –portal 1 opening, receiving and perceiving Inner Connection with the Divine Essence of Nature to insulate the body with stronger advanced Elemental Energies (nature essences first level). Energy will activate higher inner connection with nature essences to insulate the weakening parts of the body with stronger energies. (stone originated from millions of years used by mystics on their inner discoveries and journeys ---Royal Cave 1)


1.4 Walking in the passageway to enhance the gross physical and energy body with the advanced Elements of Nature (higher union.) Receiving, aligning and adopting the different essences of nature.


1.5 Performing lesson 1 ARCUM and 2 Esisum (Art of Life 1—72) on this chamber (Royal Cave O and 1) ---To receive, align and adapt advanced energies and Touching portal 5 ---Royal Cave 1 to send inner contacts with the advanced essences of nature


SOURCE: SGM Pyram Solom 1-72