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By: Haligi Roselin Herns

Wellness and

Spiritual Science Arts

..uniquely effective to refresh stress and revitalize the different systems of the body. Its technique of strokes using pressure/touch manipulations are combined with energy healing (mystical healing)   by the ancient natives of the country, they were called Manghihilot (therapist-hilot) in the regions, particularly in the province of Carcar, Cebu City.

DUGUKAN HILOT SYSTEM  is a code of life in Cebuano indigenous method of alternative healing employing the power of nature to heal; system includes cultivation of internal energy with various techniques of exercise uniquely effective to refresh  stress  and  revitalize  the  different  systems   of  the body.


Its technique of strokes and manipulations are combined with energy healing (mystical healing)   by the ancient natives of the country, they were called Manghihilot (therapist-hilot) in the the regions,  particularly  in   the   province  of 


and Connection, a mystical system of energy cultivation and divine healing.)


Started his practiced as a Mananabal/Manghihilot (Cebuano local term for folk healer) performing energy healing, mystical healing and divine healing basically through the modality of hilot/touch manipulations, at the age of 9 and ‘till he successfully achieved a masterpiece in the field of Hilot.


Working as a bone setter he developed the Hilot/Hand/Touch Therapy Maneuvers now being called Dugukan Hilot System, a both “ Body Relaxing (Wellness) and Therapeutic Massage  that employs  12 different kinds of stroking and variations.  And this system continues to evolve and currently practiced by the members of Inner Core Dugukan Association, Incorporated, a dully organized group and registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with aims and purposes to have friendly relationship with all the people of the world, regardless of their age, belief, sex and religion. 



GM Pyram Solom 1-72



Hilot could be a very ancient art, which it is somehow difficult to mention a particular era of time when this ancient knowledge really began to originate. However, the documented history of hilot (massage) predates 3000 BC, which in the country Philippines it was employed by the natives long before the Spanish occupation in the country. And this art has been handed down by the ancient practitioners who were Manghihilot from generation to generation.


The name Dugukan Hilot System was founded by J. Besira a.k.a GM Pyram Solom 1---72 a Manghihilot/Healear since at the very early age he was born.  He is the originator and founder of Dugukan Hilot System and Art of Life 1---72 or Angels’ Contact

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